Is Chuck Schumer Finally Telling Some Truth?

Chuck Schumer says that the Democrats need to look within to find solutions and not blame everyone else.

It appears to me that there is a(finally) honesty with in the Democratic Party and this is coming from an unlikely source… Chuck Schumer. I was pleasantly surprised that he has said that he admits that the Democratic Party is to blame for the Loss of the election, not the Russian Collusion, or other things that they have been blaming President Trump for before and after the election.

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Wow, that’s very refreshing! This is a complete 180% turn around from the stance that their Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton took when she stated it was due to other reasons beyond her control. She said it was Comey’s fault that she lost so late in the election.

Comey, in doing research and allowing a darned investigation on her, just weeks before the election, was at fault according to Clinton. Most Conservatives saw through this. She also said it was due to Russian Wiki-Leaks and so on. I think the Russian collusion excuse was a “back pocket reason” that was only brought out when Trump (surprise) won!! I thought Wiki-Leaks was something Julian Assange did, and he is an Australian, who is in  the Ecuadorian Embassy in England.

Any self respecting Conservative would know this is complete and utter nonsense. A brief look at Trump’s rallies will give you an an indication to what caused candidate Trump to become President Trump. He had issues and he had concerns with what ever would MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. This slogan, in and of itself was and is, very powerful.And it’s one you would use to describe a plan for a country.   In stark contrast to, “Better Together,” which sounds like some small project, maybe a slogan for a group of girls who are decorating the gym for ‘Prom’?

Trump’s issues, while they are deemed Racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. are what the ‘American People’ think. So there it is. After 8 years of Obama, the American public are now using common sense. The disaster of the Obama Administration has taken it’s toll on the United States of America. Now people are fed up, and a lot of people have seen that the approach Obama had was not (and never did) work.  Common sense is the reality of Trump’s campaign promises, and what he’s following through with.  Having a Secure border is just common sense.  Vetting  a body of people who have a belief system which is to Kill others and they are doing this all over the world, again, common sense.

Anyway, getting back to Chuck Schumer and his sudden burst of honesty. What do you make of it? I guess if you’re running for president, you should have more to say than don’t vote for Trump, he’s bad! Chuck Schumer even admits it! Wow!

Hopefully this honesty will be contagious and other Democrats will see that the way to achieve things isn’t to lie and obstruct, but to work and be a politician. Get out there! Get some policies, work at it!

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  1. Congratulations Jennifer Sasser! You make us proud with your accurate and passionate writing in support of the cause! Wish you all the best for the future and look forward to more sharp and astute articles penned by you! ✌

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