Trump and We The People vs NWO

President Trump along with the American People who put him in office… together make up the ONE defining, last remaining FORCE capable of protecting our sovereign nation from the HORRORS of Socialism & Globalism.

Make NO MISTAKE about it. The New World Order is REAL!! A group of very powerful wealthy Elitists have already infiltrated the once sovereign nations of Europe. During the last several decades, they have also succeeded in planting their cancer cells in high positions in both the Democrat & Republican parties in America.

The NWO owns & controls the wealth of the world. THEY own the Banks. The Media is in their filthy pockets. THEY determine the agenda of the United Nations. THEY are the orchestrators of FEAR, HATRED & CHAOS.

Obama & the Clintons are but mere pawns of this powerful movement. They have however have been instrumental catalysts in promoting the Anti-American agenda: corruption at the highest levels of U.S. government, civil disobedience, Hate crimes, activist judges who rule against the Constitution, inciting violent protests, inciting riots, instigating the shooting of law enforcement officials & members of Congress, promoting death threats against our President, spewing constant LIES & FALSE information through the FAKE Media, creating continued obstructions to our President’s agenda & launching baseless attacks on his character, allowing Islamic terrorists and criminals to travel at will across our OPEN borders, effecting economic decay & stagnation through over-regulation, condemning Christians & Jews while at the same time demanding acceptance of Islamic Terrorists who aim to kill us, ARE killing us, and who are plotting to replace our Constitution with barbaric sharia law.

The LIST goes on & on. But it inherently comes down to THIS… WE the People with TRUMP, WE ALONE stand together against the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

DO you realize that Islam is nothing more than the modern attack ARM of the New World Order, an organization whose sole purpose is to create havoc & terror, death and destruction, thus orchestrating its own crisis to in turn mandate a further increase of its authority to sedate & control the sleeping masses?

Islam serves but the same purpose TODAY that Nazism, Fascism and Communism served during World War II.


We have been weakened in recent years but then the majority voted its mandate in November 2016, and Donald Trump has now come to us at a defining moment in history.

We won the election, YES. BUT THEY, the LEFT, the NWO, are NOT simply going to go away quietly. Their goal is to ELIMINATE Trump along with the American Resistance… being We The People.

WE are the LAST STRONGHOLD. The battle to END world domination will be fought HERE on our soil!

IT IS UP TO US. JUST US. Our WHOLE FUTURE depends on what WE do right NOW. Not tomorrow, but NOW. There is NO GREATER urgency than to stop the THREAT facing us at this very moment! Either WE stand beside TRUMP and FIGHT THIS EVIL… OR We lose our FREEDOM FOREVER!

We NEED TRUMP and TRUMP NEEDS EACH ONE OF US! Are you ready to protect and defend our most cherished keepsake, our American way of life, our FREEDOM?

WAR has come to our shores, and WE are most assuredly going to be called upon to FIGHT to save ourselves & our Freedom… Our Freedom which must NEVER again be taken for granted.

God Save America
Land That We Love

-by Gary Pecorella

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