Obama Tried To Take Trump Down Ju dge Jeanine Pirro

In the wake of allegations of Russia tampering with the election, (which is likely a huge load of BS) Donald Trump has somehow taken heat for it, as if it was Trump himself hacking an election.

President Obama, who has set relations with Russia back to near Cold War levels of animosity, has now ordered an investigation into possible Russian election tampering. This, of course, after there is ample evidence to put Hillary Clinton behind bars, but nothing was ever done about it because she’s a Democrat and therefore can do no wrong.

Not only that, but he cut a deal with Iran, a country that calls America “the great Satan.” Yet Russia, the country that has said time and time again that it would like to work with America and defeat ISIS, is the enemy according to Obama.

Thank God we have Judge Jeanine to put clueless Obama in his place with this epic response to his insanity.
“Seriously? Why Now?” Pirro said, ” You have been watching the release of information from WikiLeaks for months. You have watched teh release of Hillary Clintons emails [and] John Podesta’s emails, and the disturbing information contained therein.”

“Why are you so obsessed with Russia? You, who cut a deal and were made a fool of by… Iran– you know the one that funds Hezbollah and Hamas and whose people yell ‘Death to America’.”



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