Trump the complete story- by John Nadler

I grew up in NYC, starting back in the early 1950’s. Shortly thereafter, We became a single parent family. They called it “coming from a broken home” back then. I was the only one that I knew, who had to grow up as a “latch-key” child. While food, clothing, and shelter were rarely a problem, anything outside of that, starting at 9, I needed to earn all spending money on my own. I was fortunate to meet my wife 30 years ago tonight, and we worked and struggled to create a beautiful, loving middle-class family. We sacrificed for ourselves for the comfort for our children. Since Obama became president, I have never been more worried about what I have worked hard and struggled for 40 years to maintain, so we can pass the baton to our 3 sons. There are so many topics that Mr. Trump touched base on before anyone ever mentioned the urgent concerns. The national debt of $20 trillion reaching the bankruptcy level of $24 trillion, with no chance of recovery flashes through my mind, that our children will have to work harder and receive less from their hard earned efforts. Isis is not a 20th century enemy, but as a 21st century technological terrorist organization like never seen before. This something that Obama has yet to face the stark reality of. Watching the evening news overseas brings a strong fear of the spread of terrorism worse than the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11/01, Isis recently mentioned. The major spread of illegal immigration crowding our country, to take jobs from young students for their first job to help themselves, or their families, or to develop a first work-ethic is choked. Even for retired senior citizens to supplement their restricted and choked social security benefits, which they earned. , The H1-B visas, where corporations benefit from young talent at reduced salaries and benefits have greatly harmed young college graduates from finding their first career position. Many young graduates, including my oldest sons, have had to borrow, at costs equivalent to the cost of many homes and at more than double the mortgage interest rates, just so banks can greatly profit from today’s American youth need for a higher education, just in order to have a chance to live middle class dreams that are quickly fading. In fact, the middle class is no longer the majority today due to lack of jobs and little to no raise in incomes in decades, and the higher cost of living, more so than 30 years ago. Therefore, it will take decades in order to repay these very high interest rates and such exorbitantly high loans. The middle class dream is rapidly disappearing. How will our children ever afford to move out from home, save for a rainy day, or marriage, and a family, and eventually a home? This would be the first time in the modern history, that our children will not be able to live better lives than they grew up in. Our children have worked hard to get good grades in college and at summer jobs to gain experience to develop a strong work ethic and earn a paycheck. Regarding illegal immigrants, in Obama’s 7 years, they have yet to create a safe and secure vetting process. Isis has the capability to create passports with excellent quality. Our families all came here legally, with almost no money and very little to none personal belongings, all at a very young age. Who worked and went to school? Who worked two or more jobs? Our government had records of their existence. When I supervised work at The World Trade Center construction site, a nuclear submarine site, and The New York Stock Exchange, I had to undergo rigorous security as well. Security is what makes our children and country safe. So we can be free. Now, with police problems, increased racial tensions, that was the one major issue that I assumed that Obama would improve. In closing, in my heart, I truly believe that everything I have learned growing up in the 50’s and 60’s in history, I strongly feel that God has chosen Donald Trump to restore America and repair its problems and against what the media claims, Mr. Trump will heal racial tensions and bring back jobs desperately needed by many to raise them out of socialist government controlled poverty. With that, people will be too busy and less hurt, to fight and destroy the major cities with the growth of crime today. Mr. Trump does care about all citizens and Mr. Trump does care and love this country and Mr. Trump can and will “Make America Great again.” He wants my 3 sons to continue on to not lose the middle class life style by having the opportunity to work hard so they can continue to live the American dream, and if they want more, to be able to work harder and smarter for anything that they can have the chance for. He wants opportunity for everybody to have a chance to not be stuck under the socialist
regime. People will be much happier and healthier and have more respect for themselves, for others, and for our country.
God bless you all and God bless our great country that we all need to take back with President Trump
John Nadler

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44 Replies to “Trump the complete story- by John Nadler”

  1. Mr. Nadler, what an awesome testimonial to Mr. Trump! I’m 100% behind both of you, and I can only hope that the deception that’s going on will be remedied in short order; I honestly believe that Mrs. Clinton is behind much of it, and to me, she is a loatheful, hateful person whose only goal is to destroy this country, just like Obama. I guess I always considered myself a conservative, but I guess lately, I’ve gotten a lot more politically involved, so now I guess, I’m really a Republican. I can’t stand Dems or what they stand for – they’re destroying us! Please may the Lord look down on us with love and peace and help this country get back to where we were. God bless you, Mr. Trump and the USA through this embittered battle.

  2. Thank you for sharing, it’s beautifully written and oh so true. I got to meet his family, Sarah Palin and her family at the rally this week. They are all wonderful, honest and caring people. They are no different than anyone else and they know it. They treat everyone the same…..They will be the perfect PRESIDENT AND FIRST LADY

  3. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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  6. Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments for Trump. We’re all in this together, and that’s why there’s no other country where we’d rather live, but not the greatest until we get more people to vote for Trump. It doesn’t matter how hard he works or what he does, if we the citizens, get out the word to get the most votes.
    We need a landslide to stop the cheating of votes and delegates. We got her number.
    And we want her number to be up, so we can get her out. Follow me on Facebook.
    John Nadler

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