Hope Returns to America by Kim LeBlanc Dandry (1st prize winner)


Mr. Donald J. Trump wins my vote for POTUS. At this stage of my life, I do not care about political correctness and tactfulness. I want honesty and truth. I want someone who speaks from the heart and not a script. I want someone I can trust. Mr. Trump is a self-made man and cannot be bought with money like many politicians. We don’t need another politician for President, we need a successful businessman to run this Country. America desperately needs Donald Trump to turn this Country around and make it great again. I stand behind him 1000%.
Kim Leblanc Dandry

Congratulations Kim for winning our writing contest. She received signed shirt from Mr. Trump. Way to go Kim #CoalitionForTrump and #CitizensForTrump presented by the Donald Trump Page Administrators

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