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(My 2016 Presidential Election Forecast Map based on polling data adjusted for guestimated polling source bias.)

by Randall Nozick

(This article is an excerpt from a Facebook post. If you missed it, you should start reading from the beginning with Part 1 – I Dare You to Try to Understand to get the full meaning of the post.)

Part 8 – Get Re-Enfranchised

I would invite the “disenfranchised voters” who “lost” to consider these facts:

First, you have a Democrat as President Elect. He has always been ideologically aligned with the social objectives of Democrats including an intense interest in the well being of everyone in the country, especially those who need help “getting into the game” of American prosperity. When I was acquainted with him back in the mid 90’s, he was always seen as the most successful Regular Joe of all time, an underdog fighting his way through old money barriers, even as a sort of working class rebel that made it in the dark waters of an unwelcoming elite. As far as I’m concerned, he just scored the single biggest political victory of all time by any Democrat.

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Second, not only did the DNC lose an election, but the RNC lost their very existence. That loss is permanent. The RNC will never again run a candidate like John McCain or George X Bush or Mitt Romney. Those days are long gone because after the tribal politics have done their job during the campaign, the REALITY of “what does America need right now” still hits in the voting booth. The Never Trump Republicans for some delusional reason thought they’d bring the tribe into line. But what they found instead is Republican voters are exactly as sick of big words and back room deals as Democrat voters. It’s over.

Speaking of being over, it is time to scrap both parties right down to their names. Both those names now stand for nothing but shame and they need to go. It has been known for a long time that 80% of the citizenry wants 80% of the same things. The 20% of the citizenry that doesn’t want these things are known in a voting society as “the losers”. The 20% of the things not everyone wants are known as “special interests”. Put the two together and you have “special interest groups”. That is all the parties have become. They fight and they pander to try to get their special interests by bribing, threatening, and otherwise manipulating their tribe into helping them get what they want. I, for one, am not going to be farmed for political power anymore. My hesitant vote for Trump was the cutting of this leash and I invite EVERYONE to follow.

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And on that topic, another important aspect of tribal politics has come to light. The idea that everyone must be forced, especially at a national level, to do things the same way has been EXPOSED as nothing more than a means for the special interests to get what they want and often, to get the rest of us to PAY FOR IT. It’s time to stop trying to BAN behavior we don’t condone, but does not directly affect us. There are several old political sore spots that play into this, but let me give you some examples that are sure to make at least some people who were saying “right on!” up to this point say “wait, what did you just say?!” As you read these, do not lose sight of my point: Agreement or disagreement on these specific issues is not only irrelevant, it is destructive. The point is if you allow yourself to argue about things that are not in your own living room, you hand that leash of special interest manipulation to the 20%/20% manipulators and they WILL eventually make a fool of you because of it. So here goes:

(Sorry about the cliff hanger! Please stay tuned for the next part. It’s a long story, so I broke it down into life-sized bites.)

Part 9 – Don’t Be a Tool is now available! Read on. 



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