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Two more people have come forward to corroborate some of Tara Reade’s claims that the former Vice President Joe Biden sexually assaulted her 27 years ago when she was a staffer in his Senate office, according to an AP report.

One person, who knew Reade in 1993, told the Associated Press that Reade mentioned the alleged assault when it happened.

The second person, who met Reade a decade after the alleged assault, confirmed having a conversation with Reade in 2007 or 2008 in which Reade talked about experiencing sexual harassment from Biden while working in his Senate office.

Both sources spoke anonymously to protect their families’ privacy, the report said.

Reade was one of ten women who came forward last year with allegations that Biden made them feel uncomfortable with inappropriate displays of affection.

Biden acknowledged the complaints and promised to be “more mindful about respecting personal space in the future.”

In an interview with the AP published on Saturday, Reade said she filed a limited report with a congressional personnel office but it did not explicitly accuse Biden of sexual assault or harassment:

“I remember talking about him wanting me to serve drinks because he liked my legs and thought I was pretty and it made me uncomfortable.

I know that I was too scared to write about the sexual assault.”

Although she did not use the phrase “sexual harassment” in the complaint, she did use the words “uncomfortable” and “retaliation.”

Not 1, Not 2, Not 3…But 9 Witnesses Back Tara Reade’s Claim

Unlike Christine Blasey Ford, where she could not only not produce a single witness. The ones that Ford did name, not only refused to back her claims, some went so far as to back Kavanaugh.

Despite the limited investigations done by the mainstream media. So far there have been 9 people, including Reade’s mother and brother, that have stated that Tara Reade told them about Biden’s sexual assault decades ago.

In a story published on April 12th, NBC News stated that both Tara Reade’s mother and brother confirmed she had told them of being sexual assault by Joe Biden at the time of the attack.

NBC News went on to find an additional five other people who also stated that Reade told them of Biden’s alleged sexual assault.

NBC News also reported that besides those seven people, Tara Reade claims to have also informed then-Senator Joe Biden’s former chief of staff Ted Kaufman and his longtime executive assistant Marianne Baker.

There is also a report from Politico reporter Holly Otterbein who reported that Tara Reade has confirmed that her mother did, in fact, call CNN’s Larry King live program in 1993 about her daughter’s accusation against Joe Biden.

To date, Joe Biden refuses to allow a thorough search of his University of Delaware record for any document that pertains to ‘Tara Reade’.

Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign, predictably stated that the alleged assault “absolutely did not happen,” but offered no evidence to counter Tara Reade’s claim.

Since the bombshell story broke about Tara Reade accusing her former boss, Joe Biden of sexual assault back on March 24th. 

The mainstream media have done everything they could to ignore this blockbuster story.

Between March 24, the day when Tara Reade made her allegations public, and April 15.

A recent analysis by the Washington Free Beacon shows that Joe Biden faced over 81 questions and over 20 hours of interviews and the media didn’t once ask Biden about Tara Reade or asked for a comment on her sexual assault charge.

Despite CNN always claiming to be an unbiased news organization, they didn’t write a single word about Tara Read’s allegation until April 17th, 24 days AFTER the story went public.

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