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One deceased Pennsylvania voter that’s still eligible to vote in 2020, was born in June 1800, the same year Thomas Jefferson was elected President of the United States.

An Indiana-based law firm is suing Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in federal court for having hundreds of dead people registered to vote in the upcoming 2020 election, among other bizarre irregularities.

The lawsuit alleges that some 1,600 dead people are registered to vote in the 2020 election, while almost 1,200 people are registered to vote without a date of birth listed, and some have even listed the 1800s as their birth years, all violations of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

The lawsuit filed against Allegheny County, Pennsylvania by the Public Interest Legal Foundation claims:

“One registrant is stated as being born in ‘June 1800,’ the same year Thomas Jefferson won eight of Pennsylvania’s 15 Electoral College votes against President John Adams,” 

The nonprofit law firm behind the suit is run by a former member of President Donald Trump’s now-disbanded Voter Fraud Commission.

In addition, almost 200 of the county’s 900,000 registered voters have no date of registration, and 35 have unclear or out-of-state addresses.

Almost 7,500 voter registrations have been flagged as duplicates, with one individual registered to vote up to seven times in one day while others are registered to vote three or four times.

In 2019 the Ohio Democratic Party kicked off its “Fight The Purge” voter campaign because they claimed the Republicans were trying to steal the election.

Between now and November, whichever socialist the Democrats choose as their nominee expect them and their supporters to cry “We must stop Donald Trump and those evil Republicans who are purging America’s voter rolls.”

Of course, Democrats have been spewing this nonsense for so long, is it any wonder why people born in the 1800s are still eligible to vote?

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